Ordinances and Ceremonies

Baptism: At GCC we believe that baptism is a sacrament that serves as a visible sign of an invisible reality. Baptism symbolically represents our death and resurrection in Christ. It signifies that we accept the benefits which flow from Christ’s death on the cross. It is administered to believers based on the proclamation of their faith in Jesus Christ and their intention of walking in holiness. At GCC baptism is reserved for believers and administered by immersion. We normally plan special baptism services 3-4 times a year and encourage everyone that has trusted in Christ, but has not been baptized, to participate.

Communion: As followers of Christ we can never forget the great sacrifice that Christ made on our behalf: to help us remember, we have God’s written Word and the sacrament of Holy Communion (the Lords Supper). Communion is an act of worship, remembrance, and thanksgiving.  At GCC we celebrate communion four to six times a year during our corporate worship services. Our communion services are a special time for our church family to reflect on the body of Christ, which was broken for us, and the blood of Christ, which was spilled for us.

Baby Dedication: Children are a gift from God and parents are stewards who have the responsibility of caring for, and enjoying, this gift. Baby dedications are a special time for parents to formally commit themselves to the awesome responsibility of raising their children “in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). A baby dedication is a way for the parents, family members, and our church to express our appreciation to God. A baby dedication is also a time of surrender – as we symbolically give back to God the children that he has given to us. To dedicate your child at GCC, you must be a regular attendee and the dedication can be scheduled through one of our pastors.

Marriage: Marriage, like children, is a gift from God. The institution of marriage dates back to the book of Genesis where God “joined” together Adam and Eve. Marriage is important to God and it is also important to us at GCC. In accordance with God’s Word, it is the position of GCC that marriage is a holy covenant which involves the union of one man and one woman in lifelong fidelity.  If you are a regular and active attendee of GCC we would love to be a part of your special wedding day. We do require that every couple who gets married through GCC receives pre-marital counseling. The pre-marital counseling can take place at GCC, or arrangements can be made for counseling outside of GCC.

Any questions about baptism, baby dedication’s, or marriage can be sent to info@gospelcc.org.