The Christmas Store offers affordable toys and gifts that parents can purchase at discounted prices. This way, parents can choose toys for their own children, pay for them with their own earnings, and celebrate the holiday season together.

Parents are able to both shop and contribute through planning and volunteering at the store. Because shoppers are no longer confined to the role of “recipient only,” many volunteer with the program.

Giving is one of the joys of Christmas. For parents, it is often a special gift to be able to surprise and delight your children. For parents struggling to make ends meet, though, Christmas can be a season of stress and added strain.

The hope is to provide gifts for families in need at Christmas while preserving the opportunity for parents to be the givers and enjoy the blessing of providing for their families; we operate with the guiding philosophy that no one is so poor that they have nothing to contribute.

Profits from the store will be focused toward continued efforts to bless our neighborhood and input from participants will be considered.


The goal of the store is to support parents who can use assistance with Christmas gifts due to financial constraints. Shoppers can be part of our GCC family,  be our neighbors, or connected through one of our partner organizations.

Ways to be Involved


Helping with The Christmas Store can be a tangible way to share God’s love with our immediate community. Volunteers will not only help organize and run the store, they will also work closely with our participating families and build relationships that we pray will continue well beyond the Christmas season. The option to wrap presents with parents who have shopped will allow volunteers time to develop friendships and pray with participating families. Click here to sign up as a volunteer.




Key Dates

  • November 30

    Volunteer sign up deadline
  • December 12

    Gift & Donation deadline
  • December 15

    Store set up with volunteers
  • December 16 & 17

    Store available to shoppers (4:30 to 8:30 PM)