Christ-Centered Community at GCR

To be a Christian means at least two things:

  • To follow Jesus
  • And to become more like Him over time

This life of following Jesus is called discipleship, and the Bible makes it clear that discipleship happens in the context of community.

Following Jesus also means joining Him in His mission to renew all things – things spiritual and physical. The Bible also makes it clear that living this sort of life on mission is designed to happen in the context of community.

Discipleship and mission at Gospel Community Rivermont takes place primarily through smaller groups called Gospel Communities and Discipleship Communities. Each play a specific role in the discipleship process of our church and are central in our journey to become more Christ-like.

Join a Gospel Community

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Gospel Communities

A Gospel Community is a diverse, multigenerational family of believers doing life and mission together deeply.

Gospel Communities are Christ-centered, long-term groups that meet on various nights of the week in neighborhoods around the greater Lynchburg area. Our Gospel Communities spend time together for fellowship, care, accountability, prayer, sharing stories, and studying the Scriptures. Gospel Communities encourage each other toward missional living in their homes and workplaces, and find strategic local and global outreach efforts to engage in as well

Join a Discipleship Community

If you’re interested in joining a Discipleship Community, fill out a Connection Card today!

Discipleship Communities

A Discipleship Community is a short-term groups that meet on Sunday mornings for the purpose of Biblical instruction and training for life on mission.

We recognize that there are times in a person’s spiritual walk where he or she may want or require additional study or training on a specific topic. Discipleship Communities are short-term small groups or classes that meet on Sunday mornings to help meet those needs. Topics for Discipleship Communities range from financial health to parenting and are offered at three general times during the year (Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer).

Connect to GCR Women:

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry environments are set up to pursue Jesus Christ. We look to grow in community, accountability, love, and encouragement. This is a journey for every woman in every season of life. Our hope and prayer is for women to encounter Jesus daily, grow deeply in community with one another, to utilize and use all of their gifts, and to live in such a way that bears witness to the kingdom of God in the world around them.

Connect to GCR Men:

Men’s Ministry

The mission of GCR Men is to live on mission for Christ at home, work, and throughout the world around us.

The vision of this ministry is to see men living for the glory of God.

The pursuit of our mission and vision is structured around three pillars:

  • Connect – We strive to provide a variety of opportunities that make it easy and fun for men to connect and grow in community with each other and with those who have not yet accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.
  • Grow – We strive to provide a variety of opportunities to pray and grow in the Bible together, so that each one of us has the opportunity and encouragement needed to grow in our love of the Lord Jesus.
  • Mentor – We strive to help men build relationships through small group and one-on-one interactions to develop a strong network of support that can help us navigate our trials and triumphs.