The worship team at Gospel Community Church encompasses many different areas including Production Team (FOH Audio, Stage Team, Video Production, Technical Support, Graphic Design, and Photography), Vocal Team (3 singers on a typical team), and Band Team (drums, bass guitar, 1-2 el. guitars, 1 ac. guitar, 1 keyboard, and loops (Ableton). Occasionally, a violin/cello will be added to create an acoustic team.).

When on team, the team member must be ready to lead on Sunday mornings (only Sunday morning rehearsals before the services). The worship team will utilize a click track, loops, and in-ear monitors.

Here are songs that you would typically lead at Gospel Community Church:

Before you sign up, take a look at the expectations for all members of the worship team.

Worship Team Expectations

Audition Application Process:

  • Submit the application form.  After you submit your information, you will be asked to submit a video of you playing or singing.  This video could be done through a phone, a YouTube video, or a previous recording of you leading worship (making sure you are easily heard).
  • Following the approval of the audition panel to advance to the final round of auditions, you will be asked to play or sing on a Sunday morning team.  Following the live audition at a Sunday morning service, you will be informed within 1-2 days of your status with the worship team.