Sunday Morning Gatherings

Location & Times

GCCR meets at 1301 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, VA 24504. We have three services, at 8:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:15AM each Sunday.

Worship & Teaching

God uses different types of churches to reach different types of people. Some people really enjoy, and connect better, with a traditional worship service, while others prefer a contemporary service. We don’t believe that either type of worship service is right or wrong. At GCCR you will find a predominantly contemporary worship service that also contains aspects of traditional worship.

We value Biblical teaching at GCC. We believe in the authority, credibility, and the power of the Bible. Generally, we take a book of the Bible and carefully study through it. Sometimes we take a break from our in-depth book studies in order to address other relevant Biblical topics. Our topical teachings are always grounded in God’s Word and serve as a supplement to our regular studies.

Dress Code

There is none! If you like dressing up for church, then please go ahead and wear your Sunday best. If you prefer jeans and a t-shirt, then feel free to dress down. We don’t get caught up on how someone looks; everyone is welcome.


Our First Impressions Team is eager to welcome you as you drive onto the GCC Rivermont Campus. Please pay special attention to our volunteers  an orange vests. The team is there to help direct you and to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

There are four main areas to park at the Rivermont location. All of them have easy access to both our Rivermont Avenue and Bedford Avenue entrances. These two main entrances will be well marked with signage, blue GCCR tents, and members from our Greeting Team. Either entrance gives you access to the Sanctuary, Kid City, and our Cafe. We look forward to welcoming you!

GCC Rivermont ParkingParking Lot 1: Opens at 9:00am (closed for the 8:00am service). The entrance is on Bedford Avenue and traffic flow is one way through the lot. First Impression Team members will be direct traffic to make entering and exiting safe and efficient.

Parking Lot 2: Guest Parking as well as regular attender parking. Open for all three services.

Parking Lot 3: Parking lot reserved for families with young children and senior adults. Open for all three services. This lot is ONE WAY with the entrance on Bedford Ave. and the exit on Ruffner Pl. First Impression Team members will direct traffic.

Parking Lot 4: All day volunteer and staff parking. Open all morning. We strongly encourage able-bodied volunteers who attend more than one service to use this lot. At this time, a shuttle is not provided.

Street parking next to the church on the corner of Rivermont and Bedford will be reserved for those needing Handicap Parking. The door on the same corner will be open and well marked as a Handicap entrance.

There is street parking on many of the side streets surrounding the church. If you are planning to attend GCCR and are able-bodied, we highly encourage you to park on a surrounding side street and make the short walk to our church. This will enable us to reserve the closer spots for those who need them most.

Please note the location of the crosswalks on the above map. Crossing Rivermont Avenue at the Rivermont and Bedford intersection is NOT recommended. An attendant will be available at the Rivermont Avenue cross walk located down the street.

Kid City

Upon entering the building, Greeters, Ushers, and directional signage can direct you to the Kid City lobby. Check-in for all ages happens in the same location!

When you check in, you will receive a parent/guardian label and a label for each child being checked in. Children should wear their labels at all times. The parent label will display a unique code which will be displayed on the screen in the sanctuary if we need to page you during the service. You will need to retain the parent/guardian label in order to pick up your children at the end of the service. This is a security measure we take very seriously, thank you for your cooperation.

Gospel Student Ministries

Gospel Student Ministries will be meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in our GSM Suite on the third floor. All students 6th – 12th grade are welcome to join us! Take the stairwell next to Cafe & Connect to the top floor, and GSM will be in the first door on the right.

Cafe & Connect

Upon entering the building, we encourage you to follow the Cafe & Connect signs to our Soul Cafe. The Cafe is designed to be a place where our church can come together to share coffee, build community, and get connected. It is entirely free and open for all three services. We’ll see you there!

Sunday School

At this time, Sunday School will be held during the 9:30am service time. For those who have been attending an RABC Sunday School class, you are welcome to continue attending your same class during this hour. If you are interested in joining a Sunday School class, email for more information.

What about “non-Christians?”

Whether you label yourself as a Christian or not, you are welcome at our Sunday gatherings, community group meetings, and service projects. The purpose of our Sunday gatherings is to worship God and study his Word. Our community groups are designed to help people grow in community with each other and God. Our service projects help us to express our love for God by serving others. Everyone is welcome, whether you want to actively participate or just observe.