Sunday Morning Worship

Meeting location and times: GCC currently meets at Phase 2: Dining and Entertainment – 4009 Murray Pl., Lynchburg, VA, 24501.  We have two services, at 9:00AM and 11:00AM each Sunday.

Worship Service: God uses different types of churches to reach different types of people. Some people really enjoy, and connect better, with a traditional worship service, while others prefer a contemporary service. We don’t believe that either type of worship service is right or wrong. At GCC you will find a predominantly contemporary worship service that also contains aspects of traditional worship.

Dress code: There is none! If you like dressing up for church, then please go ahead and wear your Sunday best. If you prefer jeans and a t-shirt, then feel free to dress down. We don’t get caught up on how someone looks; everyone is welcome.

Teaching: We value Biblical teaching at GCC. We believe in the authority, credibility, and the power of the Bible. Generally, we take a book of the Bible and carefully study through it. Sometimes we take a break from our in-depth book studies in order to address other relevant Biblical topics. Our topical teachings are always grounded in God’s Word and serve as a supplement to our regular studies.

Are “non-Christians” welcome at your gatherings? Absolutely! Whether you label yourself as a Christian or not, you are welcome at our Sunday gatherings, community group meetings, and service projects. The purpose of our Sunday gatherings is to worship God and study his Word. Our community groups are designed to help people grow in community with each other and God. Our service projects help us to express our love for God by serving others. Everyone is welcome, whether you want to actively participate or just observe.

Nursery and Children’s ministry: We offer nursery and children’s programming for various ages. Please visit our “Nursery and Children’s Ministry” page for more information.