Dear Church Family

Dear Church Family


Dear Church Family,

I’m writing today to share an update regarding my role at Gospel Community Rivermont. Ryan and I have decided after much prayer and consideration that God is leading me to be at home caring for my growing (did you hear we’re pregnant?!) family during our next season of life. I have given my resignation at GCCR, and my last day will be February 1st.

This is a bittersweet decision for our family. I love serving Jesus in my staff capacity. I am honored to have had a front-row seat to watch God move among us to build His church. And I will never stop sharing the story of how God placed my family in a church where Jesus’ new commandment is lived. He placed us here knowing that our darkest days were coming, and that in those days, our church family’s love for us would become His healing arms around us. In times of joy and despair, we have experienced church as God designed it. We are forever changed.

Thankfully, we aren’t saying goodbye. Ryan, Hudson and I will continue to call GCCR “home” and plan to be committed members for as long as He allows. Meanwhile, my ministry shifts to be focused on my family, our growing newest addition, and on the grief we still carry after the loss of our son, Colt.

Regarding my position at GCCR, at this time, we do not fully know who my replacement(s) may be. We are praying God would lead us to the right people for our church in this phase of its ministry. As we have updates, we will be sure to share them with you.

In Christ,
Abby Barr
Director of Communications & Administration

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