Driven By Mission

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Dear Gospel Community Church, 

Success as the world defines it—with metrics, programs, “to do” lists, and attendance numbers—is not a definition we subscribe to. No, we have always defined success as our faithfulness in loving God, growing in community, and reaching out with the love of Christ.  We desire to be a church that clearly identifies with Jesus, finds our transformation and rest in Him, and faithfully follows Him, to fulfill the Great Commission in our homes, community, and world.  

Over the last decade our church has grown from approximately 30 core group members to nearly 1,500 worshippers on any given Sunday; as a church family who at one time met inside of a school, a conference center, and a night club, we now inhabit two permanent church campuses as a result of two divine mergers. God has shown Himself mighty in providing these assets for our church family; we believe now is the time for us to faithfully steward these resources. We want to enhance what He has entrusted us with and multiply God’s work in our community and world. 

As we have grown in number and diversity (of age, race, and socioeconomic status), we want to continue to invest in and disciple the people of Gospel Community. We want to strengthen and empower those who are followers of Jesus, to make him known in their homes, and we want to reach those who are lost, wounded, and in desperate need of God’s restoration and redemption in their lives.

We have specific opportunities before us to: 

  • Eliminate debt in order to create greater margin for mission
  • Invest in critical building updates 
  • Equip ministry leaders to effectively reach the world 

Progress is already being made; God provided two facilities for GCC that are worth more than $11 million dollars. In 2017, we had $250,000 in debt, and that number has already been reduced significantly. God continually reminds us that He will provide. However, God has not called us to complacency. We are inviting you to join us on a spiritual journey where we are asking that you diligently pray about how God may want you to sacrificially give to this Driven by Mission initiative. 

There are still disciples to be made; we are driven by the mission of Jesus to reach the lost—will you join us? 

Soli Deo Gloria, 

The Elders of Gospel Community Church 

Margin for Mission 

Just as our families have homes, GCC is the home of our church family. To ensure our home is healthy and free to respond to God’s call for future outreach and expansion, we are seeking to eliminate debt which will release further resources. We plan to invest in more holistic and robust central operations to sustain the advancement of our mission for the long term. 

Some of our goals are to: 

  • Eliminate debt to create margin for mission 
  • Enhance the sustainability and health of Central Operations 
Total to raise: $320,000 

The Vision: 

By investing in our Family and Discipleship ministries, we are immediately impacting the future generation. We want our children, young people, and parents to be equipped to understand the gospel and to handle the challenges facing our culture; we want to invest in and strengthen marriages at GCC. We desire that our families follow Jesus and that our children personally choose Him when they become adults. 

Some of our goals are to:

  • Strengthen discipleship with family trainings, forums, and workshops
  • Invest in our children and youth ministries with enhancements to ministry spaces 
  • Support families who pursue foster care / adoption options 
Total to raise: $140,000

The Vision: 

We have successfully planted and revitalized multiple churches, and we are doing our best to steward the historic facilities that God has entrusted to us. We do not believe that God is calling us to be complacent towards our ministries and resources, rather we believe that God desires for us to enhance what we’re stewarding and to multiply the work in our region and world. 

By investing in our community and facilities, there will be visible changes to critical spaces. As we pour resources into the Connecting Point, the changes will allow us to serve our neighbors better. Changes in our worship and hospitality environments will enhance the quality of space that God has given to us—including sanctuaries, foyers, and, yes, even bathrooms. Aging buildings need updates in order to be useful for generations to come. We want to improve our public spaces for those we are serving today and for those we are reaching in the years to come. 

Some of our goals are to:

  • Update hospitality environments at our Rivermont campus
  • Equip and update our new College Hill campus for catalytic impact
  • Reimagine and enhance our Connecting Point community center
TOTAL TO RAISE: $680,000

The Vision:

By training the next generation of ministry leaders, we will be discipling young leaders and commissioning them to reach the world through church planting, church revitalization, and global missions. We plan to expand our investment in future leaders through our residency program, which will become a church-wide leadership development pathway. As we equip each man and woman to be effective ministers of the gospel of Jesus, we are multiplying our impact both now and for future generations to come. 

In addition to leadership training, from the beginning of this initiative, we had included plans to help fund a freshwater well and a permanent church building for our global partners in Jinja, Uganda. As only God can, He orchestrated the funds for those projects to be provided in the fall of 2019. We praise Him for this exciting development—the church has been completed and the community surrounding the church now has water—and we expectantly look forward to God’s continued work among our brothers and sisters at City on a Hill church. 

Some of our goals include: 

  • Continued support of City on a Hill church and Pastor Geoff Nantatya in Jinja, Uganda
  • Develop a ministry development program to commission future leaders
Total to Raise:  $150,000

– What’s “Driven by Mission” all about? 

Acts 1:8 tells us that we “will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon us;” we are moved by Christ’s love for us to share His truth with others. Collectively, we are seeking God to move greatly in and through Gospel Community Church. We want to be a church that clearly identifies with Jesus, finds our transformation and rest in Him, and faithfully follows Jesus in fulfilling the Great Commission in our homes, community, and world.

– Why an initiative now? 

It’s urgent for us to update our facilities to better serve our congregation and to create a more hospitable environment for guests to encounter God. Foyers, carpets, and bathrooms can be assets for reaching and serving people, or they can be deterrents to people seeking to encounter God. Once we pay off our debt and create margin for mission, we can increase our capacity to develop future global leaders and additional campuses to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus. 

– How much are we looking to raise? 

$1,290,000 total to be raised; $1,090,000 remaining 

– How will the funds be used? 

To eliminate debt, thus creating margin and momentum to improve our facilities, increase discipleship opportunities, and train up the next generation of leaders to reach our world with the gospel of Jesus. 

– Should I direct my regular giving to the Driven by Mission initiative? 

No, your gift should be above and beyond your regular giving; we are asking that everyone prayerfully consider how God is directing them to be sacrificially involved with this project. 

– How much should I give? 

That’s between you and God, but we are asking everyone to make a significant sacrifice. It’s not about equal gifts; it’s about equal sacrifice. To be driven by mission in our homes, community, and world, we need to be fully committed to the cause of Jesus Christ above all else. 

– What does this look like if financial contributions are difficult for me? 

The primary question we are prayerfully asking as individuals is “What does sacrificial commitment to Jesus look like for me?” 

If we are driven by mission, we believe we are compelled and empowered by the Holy Spirit to seek His kingdom first; evaluating our lives with this perspective means our time, money, resources, availability—everything—is surrendered to Jesus. 

We hope you will follow along with us as we engage on this journey together!

0% Financial Progress
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As of March 2020, we have raised $200,000 of the $1,290,000 needed. Total amount remaining to raise is $1,090,000.

As of March 8, 2020, “Driven by Mission” has launched as the generosity initiative at Gospel Community Church; we are prayerful and expectant of God’s work in our individual lives and the life of our church family. Watch here for coming updates!

Video testimonials are in process! We are excited to share these with you in the near future! For now, visit our archived testimonies here.