In order to help provide accountability and guidance to our elders and staff, the Finance Team is set in place by the Guiding Elders to perform the following duties:

  1. Model Christ-likeness for the congregation.
  2. Assess internal monthly financial reports and advise the Guiding Elders regarding financial matters.
  3. Review financial procedures and policies, and recommend appropriate changes.
  4. Help the church to stay faithful (accountable) to the core value of Healthy Biblical Stewardship.
  5. Give recommendations regarding salary packages, internal spending, and external giving.

The Finance Team is made up of non-paid volunteers from the church who have a healthy combination of leadership skills, influence, financial experience, and a solid Christ-centered faith. At this time, the current Finance Team, as well as the Elder Team, are in the process of identifying other leaders within our church who may be a good fit for this team. As changes are made, this page will be updated.

Team Members

• Jeff Boyer, Interim Guiding Elder

• Nate Taylor, Executive Pastor and Guiding Elder

For more information regarding this team, please contact