Ruslan and Rocio (and family)

Country: Central Asia
Organization: East West Ministries International
Focus: Muslim Outreach, Discipleship, BAM (Business as Missions) and Sports Ministry

Ruslan, Rocio and their children are involved in many different aspects of sharing the Gospel and discipleship in Central Asia.  From hosting soccer tournaments to running a house church, discipling new believers and running a local sports business/ministry to working in their kids school, Ruslan and his family have many opportunities to share what God’s done in their own lives.  

For a couple of years, GCC has been able to send a team to help in their summer rafting trips.  Ruslan puts together a team of locals who are interested in rafting down a large river on a barge that the group puts together before they push off.   They spend several days floating down the river, catching and cooking food and camping together in the evenings.   While they’re working together on this adventure, there are hours to get to know the locals and share life stories/beliefs.  Teams from all over the world, come in to help Ruslan for a week at a time, working alongside locals and looking for open hearts/willingness to ask questions/listen to the Good News.   Some end up accepting Christ as their Savior and are encouraged to find a local body for discipleship.   And many who go to Central Asia to share their testimony end up renewing their faith and walk with the Lord… and often leave with changed hearts and lives.