Dana Sarchet

Country: Germany
Organization: www.crossworld.org
Focus: Residential Assistant at Black Forest Academy
To receive prayer requests and updates: Email Dana at dana.sarchet@crossworld.org

Some times, missionaries feel called to work and minister in countries that aren’t safe for families or positions that make it hard to have their families nearby.  Those families often send their kids to missionary boarding schools in various countries, where the kids can receive a Christian education during the school year and travel “home” to their parents over the school breaks.   Black Forest Academy is one such boarding school.

Dana lives and works at Black Forest Academy as a Residential Assistant.  Her job description requires her to take care of the kids physical needs, such as cooking, cleaning, etc, which she does tirelessly.  But she goes above and beyond her job description and strives help take care of their emotional and spiritual needs.  She spends countless hours each week helping students with homework as well as being a sounding board/listening ear/shoulder to cry on, helping her girls process through daily life without their parents closeby and praying with/for them each day.   She is basically like a second mother to her girls.