Everyday Mission

Jesus gave his followers, and therefore every disciple a mission. That mission is to “go into all the world and make disciples.” This is not only the mission of local churches, but also the mission of every follower of Christ. This means that in our every-day lives, we are called to connect with those who are disconnected from Christ. Living on mission means working for the renewal of all things where we live, work, and play. 

The summer provides opportunities for building relationships and having fun, unlike any other season. #SummerInTheCity is all about training ourselves to think and live missionally, in the context of our Gospel Communities (GC). So we are pursuing opportunities to be in our city, alongside those we are doing life with. Together with our brothers and sisters in Christ, prayerfully connecting with those we encounter and getting to know them and building a relationship that points toward Christ.

Space 1: Happenings In Lynchburg

  • Discover Lynchburg and Downtown Lynchburg publish a calendar of all kinds of events organized by the city, local businesses, and many others. Check them out!
  • First Fridays // On the First Friday of every month, local arts organizations and galleries stay open late to debut performances, hold openings and exhibit new works. A free trolley runs from Downtown to Rivermont Avenue and Fifth Street.
  • Downtown Restaurant Week: June 10th-17th // Go discover a new favorite dinner spot, and become a local!

Space 2: Ideas For Your Neighborhood

  • Neighborhoods: Host a cookout or invite everyone over for ice cream, with your Gospel Community, in your neighborhood. Drop a card in everyone’s mailbox, and let them know when and where! Do that in each group member’s neighborhood throughout the summer, and get to know your neighbors. To love our neighbors, we have to know them. Check out a super simple and helpful guide to hosting a neighborhood gathering here: The Art Of Neighboring
  • Parks: With your Gospel Community and your family, pick a park and a night of the week. Go every week, cookout, throw a frisbee, play pick-up basketball, or go for walks, and invite others there to join you. Let them know you do this every week, and invite them back. (Park suggestions: Miller Park, Riverside Park, Peaksview Park)
  • Local: Pick a restaurant or ice cream shop and become a regular. Go with your Gospel Community on the same night of the week on a regular basis all summer long, and get to know the staff and others in the restaurant. Tip well, and love those you encounter!

Space 3: Community Service And Renewal Projects

We work for the renewal of our city in many ways, and one of the most tangible ways is to make physical improvements that bless our city. These service projects will take place throughout the Summer starting in June and going through September. Our hope is for these projects to reinforce mission and relationships between Gospel Communities and the neighborhoods in which they gather. For this reason, these strategic community renewal efforts are facilitated primarily through Gospel Communities.

The leaders and members of these smaller families of Christ-followers are the ones who come up with the projects ideas and help to coordinate the logistics. Then, the broader church family is invited to come around them and serve alongside them. We are actively looking for project ideas. If you have one, you can let us know here, and we will be in touch with you right away.