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Giving Up Is Failure; Surrendering Is Victorious

A few days ago I had an old Marine friend ask me a question. It is a typical question that merits a daunting answer. It is a question that almost holds cliché status within the Christian community but is too often met with an impractical answer. It is a question that is entirely foundational to any of…

Sunday In Review | September 7, 2014

“The Church isn’t a building; the Church is a body.” This phrase may not be super profound in itself, but it’s not really supposed to be. It’s supposed to invoke a simple realization of a difficult problem. It is easy to take this phrase and assume it means that the body is the people, but it’s much more complex than that….

Sunday in Review | August 31, 2014

Throughout Church history different areas of theology have stirred up tension within the walls and between denominations. One topic in particular is notarized for being a leading cause of division among the body; the topic of spiritual gifts. Last Sunday was the first of a sub-series to our Corinthians series where Pastor Andrew will be focusing…

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